About Us

We’re a digital news & media company here to give you unbiased news and entertainment stories. SparkTV Tamil develops, distributes and amplifies content for Indian audience using in-house technology, resources and marketing to help the right story get the right attention.


What is SparkTV Tamil?

A content discovery, curation & amplification platform that helps Tamil stories reach their right audience.

How SparkTV Tamil Picks Stories?

We have a team of writers, editors & publishers who scour the web for great Tamil stories that often go unnoticed. We pick stories based on their genuineness, share-worthiness & we feature stories that interest and provide value to our audience.

Can I Contribute Stories to SparkTV Tamil?

Sure, please send a mail to [email protected] with subject line “Request to Contribute”

Do you give Credits to the Original Story?

For any content that wasn’t developed by our internal team, we publish them only after giving credits/links to the original creator.

How do I partner with SparkTV Tamil?

Please write to [email protected] with subject line “Partner with SparkTV Tamil” and we’ll get back to you.